Friday, August 24, 2012

Dota 2 24th August Patch - New Hero

I'll be taking over until Cyborgmatt stops working on 6.75 comes back from vacation.

Zooming and enhancing the secret files this week, I was able to find a new hero concept. Put your hands together for the ferocious:

Finolius, Shittiest of Wizards

"Deep in the mountains of  Shitania, Finolius was a nobleman, who managed "The Gobins:" a small, indie polka band with a dedicated fanbase. Soon after, problems started arising. Accordions became de-tuned, people started realizing flaws in the polka band and began complaining. Finolius became a scapegoat for all these complaints, everyone was blaming him for all the problems of the band. Finolius turned angry, and vengeful. He decided he would build up hype in the band's fanbase until everyone was eager to see what came next. Then, at the next concert, he unveiled his polka band, new and improved. Their new name was "The Keen," and they played the best polka any of the fans had ever heard. However, the music was so good that many fans had forgotten to breathe, suffocating them, and thus giving Finolius his revenge."

Q - Summon Wizard-ites 

Summons two mini wizards to fight for Finolius. Level 2-4 wizards have Critical Strike, and level 4 wizards have permanent invisibility.

W - Squeal 
Grants bonus damage to Finolius, all allied heroes, and all units under their control.

E - Shitty Impulse 
Increases the damage and attack speed of Finolius and all units under his control.

R - Shapeshit 
Finolius assumes his true form, increasing his combat capabilities. During Shapeshit, Finolius and all units under his control move at maximum speed and cannot be slowed.

With luck, we should see this hero sometime in the middle of the International 2.

Predictions for the Next Hero:
I predict an IceFrog hero, with a global ultimate that buffs the stats of all the carries in the match by 2x.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Tournament Re-Moved to THIS SATURDAY

Didn't realize it was Father's Day. Date Changed.

Edit: If there's grass on the field, play ball

Friday, June 8, 2012

Tournament moved to NEXT SUNDAY

I moved the tournament to next Sunday to allow for more time, because I felt like 4 days was not enough.

Good luck, have fun!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Time for a tournament, a tournament of WTF CM.

32 teams will compete, one will remain. The rules are simple: it's Captains Mode with WTF. If you feel up to the task, fill out the form at the bottom and I will pick the first 32 teams to play. You will have 4 days to make a team and sign up, and I will run the games on Sunday (this date may change, but probably not. I'll send out a message if it does).

Here are the signup rules:
-You must have 5 members
-You need to be able to play on US East, that's where the servers will be.
-You and your teammates need to have a fairly flexible schedule, just in case the tournament runs past Sunday.
-You and your teammates must be a part of this group on Steam, which I will invite you to.
-During the tournament, you must be on group chat so that I can tell you when the game is up.
-Violation of these rules will result in me picking another team.

Here's the form:

Thank you, and may the odds be ever unbalanced.

Note: I'm looking for casters. If you are a caster and would like to cast these games, email me at

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dota 2 1st April Patch – Content Analysis

    1. Front End Changes
      1. General Changes
      2. Updated Portraits
    2. Back End Changes
      1. Updated Strings
      2. Unreleased Hero Portraits
        1. Techies WIP Portrait
      3. Unreleased Custom Couriers
        1. Scout Courier
        2. Lamarr Courier
        3. Gabe Courier
  1. 4. Predictions For Next Hero
  2. Front End Changes

    Not too many general changes this week, you can tell Valve is coming with something big.

    General Changes 

    Ward spots have been made more evident.

    Just in case.

    Updated Portraits

     A couple of portraits changed this week.

    Shadow Shaman's Portrait

    Rhasta received a major face lift, the differences
    are staggering.

    Lich's Portrait

    Lich received a minor change this patch. I understand
    if you can't see a difference, it took me a while too. I
    think it's his teeth.

    Back End Changes

    Lots of Valve promotional changes in today's patch, take a look.

    Updated Strings 

    The string updates this patch updated into the versatile tool, "rope," and more.

    Bad Players:
    "dota_player_awful_01"     "Boo!"  

    "dota_player_awful_02"     "PEASANTLIKE!" 

    "dota_player_awful_03"     "You're bad, and you should feel bad!"  

     Cheat Mode:
    "dota_wtf_mode_activated"     "lol i unno im just playin dota" 

    Priority Cards Messages:

    "dota_purchased_jail_free_card"     "Thank you, you are now in high priority."

    "dota_purchased_low_priority"     "Thank you, you are now in low priority." 

    Unreleased Hero Portraits

    This week, we have our favorite characters, likely WIP.

    Goblin Techies Portrait

    Promotional characters once again make it to the front page!

    Unreleased Custom Couriers

    A few more custom couriers, some of Valve's finest!

    Scout Courier

    Look how happy he is!

    Lamarr Courier

    Apparently cousins with Void.

    Gabe Courier

    The purple skin really makes him go from a gamimg hero to a Dota hero.

    Unreleased Store Items

    “name”: “Dispenser Healing Ward”
    “item_type_name”: “Healing Ward”
    “item_name”: “Dispenser Ward”
    “item_description”: “Need a dispenser here, and here, and here...”

    “name”: “Sentry Ward"
    “item_type_name”: “Sentry Ward”
    “item_name”: “Sentry Ward”
    “item_description”: “Ain't that just ugly.”

    Predictions For The Next Hero

    It's kinda hard, but I predict a Keeper of the Light or Rubick update in the far future.

    Happy April Fools Day!