Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dota 2 1st April Patch – Content Analysis

    1. Front End Changes
      1. General Changes
      2. Updated Portraits
    2. Back End Changes
      1. Updated Strings
      2. Unreleased Hero Portraits
        1. Techies WIP Portrait
      3. Unreleased Custom Couriers
        1. Scout Courier
        2. Lamarr Courier
        3. Gabe Courier
  1. 4. Predictions For Next Hero
  2. Front End Changes

    Not too many general changes this week, you can tell Valve is coming with something big.

    General Changes 

    Ward spots have been made more evident.

    Just in case.

    Updated Portraits

     A couple of portraits changed this week.

    Shadow Shaman's Portrait

    Rhasta received a major face lift, the differences
    are staggering.

    Lich's Portrait

    Lich received a minor change this patch. I understand
    if you can't see a difference, it took me a while too. I
    think it's his teeth.

    Back End Changes

    Lots of Valve promotional changes in today's patch, take a look.

    Updated Strings 

    The string updates this patch updated into the versatile tool, "rope," and more.

    Bad Players:
    "dota_player_awful_01"     "Boo!"  

    "dota_player_awful_02"     "PEASANTLIKE!" 

    "dota_player_awful_03"     "You're bad, and you should feel bad!"  

     Cheat Mode:
    "dota_wtf_mode_activated"     "lol i unno im just playin dota" 

    Priority Cards Messages:

    "dota_purchased_jail_free_card"     "Thank you, you are now in high priority."

    "dota_purchased_low_priority"     "Thank you, you are now in low priority." 

    Unreleased Hero Portraits

    This week, we have our favorite characters, likely WIP.

    Goblin Techies Portrait

    Promotional characters once again make it to the front page!

    Unreleased Custom Couriers

    A few more custom couriers, some of Valve's finest!

    Scout Courier

    Look how happy he is!

    Lamarr Courier

    Apparently cousins with Void.

    Gabe Courier

    The purple skin really makes him go from a gamimg hero to a Dota hero.

    Unreleased Store Items

    “name”: “Dispenser Healing Ward”
    “item_type_name”: “Healing Ward”
    “item_name”: “Dispenser Ward”
    “item_description”: “Need a dispenser here, and here, and here...”

    “name”: “Sentry Ward"
    “item_type_name”: “Sentry Ward”
    “item_name”: “Sentry Ward”
    “item_description”: “Ain't that just ugly.”

    Predictions For The Next Hero

    It's kinda hard, but I predict a Keeper of the Light or Rubick update in the far future.

    Happy April Fools Day!

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